Introducing Northern Docs

Riverhorse is proud to support a new initiative aimed at increasing Northern representation in the UK factual broadcast space.

Northern Docs is a new creative organisation that aims to address the systemic lack of representation within the UK film and television industry through its diverse activities, co-production scheme and distribution support.

This new initiative, in collaboration with BBC Three, is committed to creative factual production in all its incarnations: from short form content designed for online and mobile to television projects and feature films. It will focus on work that entertains but also challenges, innovates and informs.


Designed to act as a stepping stone opportunity for talent seeking to develop a career in documentary, two Northern filmmakers will receive the chance to produce a short ten-minute film for broadcast by the BBC.

The scheme welcomes emerging or up-and-coming directors and expects those either shortly out of film school, with particularly strong portfolios/ work examples, or APs with some self-shooting/ directorial experience, to direct the films.

To find out more about this amazing opportunity, visit: Nothern Docs