Daughters of the Revolution

This personal odyssey across the East compares the lives of the ‘daughters’ of the Russian revolutions of 1917 and 1991.

A product of the 91 revolution, TV journalist Dasha Smirnova returns to Mother Russia to find out if the new Russia is a chauvinistic world of macho capitalism or if women are more free since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

On her journey, Dasha witnesses Moscow street protests, she meets the Russian political elite such as Maria Gaidar and visits the small flat of the female Head of the Bolshevik party in St Petersburg; she encounters would-be internet brides, Russia’s gymnastics team, Moscow’s ‘It Girl’ and Millennial Generation writer, Irina Denezhkina.

Broadcast: Community Channel, UK
Running time: 52 mins
Language: English and Russian, with English sub-titles

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