Keeping it Real

A decade since the demise of Factory Records and the closure of the Hacienda, Manchester’s most outspoken son, Anthony Wilson, decided to return to the music industry to stake a final, indisputable claim for legendary status.  

Anthony’s theory is – in football you don’t take the ball home for scoring two goals.

He managed Joy Division/New Order and the Happy Mondays, who in his mind are two of the most influential acts of modern music. In 2005, he signed the group who he believed could give him that third shot at goal – Raw T, a Manchester based urban music act.

‘Keeping it real’ tells the story of Anthony Wilson, Raw T and the city they belong to.

A Cambridge educated intellectual with a love for the authentic voices of street culture, Anthony Wilson never wanted to sign the most successful bands – he wanted to sign the most important.

Loved and hated in equal measure, he is a unique figure in the story of modern Manchester and contemporary Britain. Where he’s from is closely linked with who he is. ‘Keeping it real’ sees Anthony Wilson talk candidly about his past experiences, the city he loves and his motivation for signing his new band.

‘Keeping it real’ also looks at the lives of Raw T and their Manchester.

The fledgling urban hip-hop scene in Manchester is part of a long musical tradition in the city: a city famous for its counter culture. Following them to showcase events and their first experience of playing in front of thousands, supporting the Happy Mondays, this film looks at Raw T – who they are and what inspires them – and takes viewers on a tour of their city, through their eyes.

Broadcast: Channel M, 2006; Community Channel, 2008
Running Time: 56mins
Language: English

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