HostileWorld: Interactive Film Project

Our second collaboration with Digital Training Solutions (DTS) sees the launch of HostileWorld, an online learning platform designed as a central resource for learning materials related to security and other areas of risk. The aim is to provide anyone who works or manages personnel in challenging and hostile environments access to a variety of interactive courses to help them stay safe in some of the world’s most insecure locations.

HostileWorld uses Near-Life™ technology to deliver the interactive films, which were filmed on location in Macedonia (FYROM). Riverhorse worked with local actors and, to give the scenarios an added touch of realism, none of the foreign language is subtitled.


HEAT Training is designed for individuals working in or travelling to potentially dangerous or unsettled regions and territories.  The training courses are traditionally delivered face-to-face because much of the course content involves role-play scenarios that put learners in difficult situations. HostileWorld, with the use of Near-Life™, is able to bring that interactive experience online.

This is not our first Near-Life™ project with  DTS. In 2015, we helped deliver Mission Ready.

The HEAT course on HostileWorld is a collaboration between DTS, Blue Mountain Group and Resilience Advisors Network