Hustlers Convention

Riverhorse has embarked on a new feature doc project on one of music’s forgotten masterpieces, Hustlers Convention.   It is a tale within a tale of ambition, greed, of culture and identity and of an ongoing struggle to get paid.

Released in 1973 by founding member of The Last Poets, Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, under the name “Lightnin’ Rod”, Hustlers Convention tells the story of Sport and Spoon – two young hustlers who attend the eponymous convention, only to get tangled up in a financial disagreement that leads to a shootout, police chase and finishes with Sport, on Death Row, weighing up what it all means:

It had cost me twelve years of my time,
to realize what a nickel and dime,
hustler I had really been,
while the real hustlers are ripping off billions,
from the unsuspecting millions,
who are programmed to think they can win. 

Taking its title from the album, Hustlers Convention the film will blend archive and photos with interviews, and use unique animated sequences set to the album;  we will see the Hustlers Convention in its wider social context and Jalal’s personal story as one of rap’s undisputed pioneers.

Expected release date: Summer 2014

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